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Individual Therapy

There are two main reasons we enter therapy: to overcome challenge and to enhance our capacity to experience the good.  At their essence, the two are one and the same: we enter therapy to enrich our lives.


While the desire to alleviate personal suffering may initially bring us into therapy, therapy has the power to help us enrich the quality of  our day-to-day experience and enhance the depth of our personal relationships. 


Lissah works with clients to help actualize the innate human potential towards healing, recovery, and wellbeing.   Lissah specializes in the treatment of: 


  • trauma
         -childhood physical, sexual, and emotional abuse


   -physical, sexual, and emotional abuse

   -unresolved conflict from one's family of


  • anxiety

  • addiction

  • grief

  • reticence to experience emotional intimacy in relationships



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